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Allison Lonsdale
O queen of air and darkness who was once of earth and light.
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1st-Jan-2021 07:58 am - Notice
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Saturday, July 19, 6:00 PM

Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks perform mostly original songs full of references to science fiction, math, physics, biology, comic books, role-playing games, folklore, mythology, and the supernatural.

RSVP on Facebook.

Lestat's Coffee House
(between 33rd and Felton in Normal Heights)
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-0437

Show is at the Lestat's West stage next door to Lestat's Coffee House. No cover charge.

Saturday 2PM Alameda
Child-Free : A Choice more people are making
(with Arlin Robins, Julie Barman, Carol Queen, PhD, Eben Brooks)

Sunday 10AM Lawrence
Alternative Lifestyles and Sci-Fi/Fantasy
(with Deborah J. Ross, Lynx Crowe, Douglas Berry)
From Heinlein's line marriage to Ethan of Athos, a discussion of alternative lifestyles, chosen or otherwise.

Sunday 5PM San Tomas
Outdated Information that shaped Writing of Science Fiction from the past
(with Jason Malcolm Stewart (M), Bob Kanefsky, Matt Maxwell)
What older stories are we now embarrassed to read because of their cultural assumptions?

Saturday, 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Lawrence
Geeky Music for Geeky People with Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks
Eben Brooks and I will be playing this coming Saturday at Loscon at the LAX Marriott.

RSVP on Facebook.

Concert will be in the Meridian Room.


San Diego singer-songwriter-guitarists Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks (of the bardic rock band In My Humble Opinion) will perform mostly original songs full of references to science fiction, math, physics, biology, Tibetan Buddhism, comic books, role-playing games, folklore, mythology, and the supernatural.

Album "Live at Lestat's" -- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/AllisonLonsdale

Album "Geek Mythology" -- http://music.ebenbrooks.com/order.html
Saturday, September 21, 6:00 PM

Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks perform mostly original songs full of references to science fiction, math, physics, biology, comic books, role-playing games, folklore, mythology, and the supernatural.

Opening: Tim Griffin, who will be the toastmaster at San Diego music convention ConChord (Mission Valley, Oct. 18-20). His humorous and edifying albums include "The DaVinci Chord".


RSVP on Facebook.

Lestat's Coffee House
(between 33rd and Felton in Normal Heights)
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-0437

Show is at the Lestat's West stage next door to Lestat's Coffee House. No cover charge.
28th-Mar-2012 11:20 am - mad science in the headlines
Holy crap. Thanks, most likely, to autopope's Tweet, my Mad Science experiment has now appeared on BoingBoing. The comments there are filling my heart with joy, from "I'm going to use this to teach my grad students how to present their research. The description of the experiment and results is excellent. Wonder if their posters will turn out this wonderful." to "The 1000ppm subject should become a hollywood movie. Cast has to include Samuel Jackson." and "This would be a perfect post for the SCP Foundation!*"

I am delighted to the point of squeeflail.

Edited to add: The narrow-minded fools who mocked me at university for daring to go where sane science dared not -- I have shown them all! Neener neener!

*SCP Foundation.
I am delighted and honored that my experiment Teratogenic Effects Of Pure Evil in Ursus Teddius Domesticus., as photographed at Conjecture 2010 by Jerry Abuan, has come to the notice of theweaselking, whose post about it got the attention of supergee and autopope (who kindly Tweeted it).

I can only hope that a broader audience for this project inspires further experimentation (such as testing Pure Evil on Pokemons) and pushes forward the frontiers of mad science.
29th-Nov-2011 01:51 pm - Loscon report
(Now unlocked per hazelchaz's request.)

Loscon 38 was lovely, if a bit low in attendance.

The panel on "Revenge of the Nerds" (over the question of whether we have taken over the mainstream) was most entertaining. Tina Beychok, Belle Benson, Martin Young, and a gentleman whose name escapes me at the moment gave a rousing and amusing series of arguments. I think the consensus was that we have indeed taken it over, but those of us who Liked It Before It Was Everywhere and Take it Seriously Still do maintain a certain tribal identity. And Belle was at pains to point out that simply wearing a Slave Leia costume does not make one a member of the tribe. "Do you know Lando Calrissian's home planet? Do you know the call number of the Enterprise? No? Not one of us!" she declared.

Eben Brooks and I gave a good concert and sold a bunch of CDs. I got to hear both Lynn Maudlin and Tim Griffin play; both are excellent performers and write interesting stuff.

I picked up Kim Newman's new book The Hound of the d'Urbervilles, which I have now finished; it was an utter delight and I recommend it highly. For those who don't know Kim Newman's oeuvre, this is, like his Anno Dracula series, a mashup of historical and literary elements along the lines of Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

There were some marvelous parties:

New Orleans is gearing up for a Worldcon bid. (The informational flyer took pains to point out that everybody involved in the last New Orleans Worldcon has now retired or gafiated. Tangentially, I imagine that San Digeo will only get another NASFiC when everybody involved in the last one is dead.) On Friday night the inimitable Chaz Boston-Baden (hazelchaz) threw a New Orleans party. The dirty rice was nice and spicy and the gold and violet decor was charming. It was missing the third traditional color, but Elevator Eric attended in his trademark green and filled in the gap.

Eric in the Elevator threw his traditional screening party and served a fine spread of decadent chocolates. Alas, the party was not well attended, despite having well-arranged seating. I recall Baycon screening parties in poorly appointed rooms that were packed solid. Perhaps his talk show's core fandom is in the Bay Area and as fewer of them are attending Loscon there is less understanding at Loscon of how awesome his show is.

Kansas City is gearing up for a Worldcon bid. Since Prohibition never really took place there, thanks to Mayor Pendergast, on Saturday night the inimitable Chaz Boston-Baden threw a speakeasy party. The password was "goats", though some wag defaced the party posters and changed it to "goatse". Liquor was served in teacups and hors d'oevres on little sticks. Chaz shaved his beard and played host with brilliantined hair, bow tie, and suspenders. Many people showed up in delightful 1920s costume; trinsf was particularly impressive. I bought a cloche for the occasion and wore a bias-cut blue silk number that had a vaguely period silhouette.

The Steamrollers threw a tea party (I love those cucumber sandwiches) to celebrate their year-long world victory tour. Trophies were on display from various roller derby competitions in other countries. The placards for the French and German trophies had been Google translated, and the attempts to capture "Roller Derby" were amusing. (In my memory, they came across in forms like "Tournament of Fighting Women on Wheels".) I ended up staying till the wee hours talking about everything in the world with Kate Morgenstern, Lynn Maudlin, and John Dougan.

I look forward to my next convention, which will be ConDor in San Diego. Let's see if we can get some room parties going, shall we? With a theme of "Men in Black: Aliens, Conspiracies, and Feds, Oh My!" there are some lovely possibilities for party themes. Recruitment for the No Such Agency? Promotion of Gray Abduction Tours? Freemason-Illuminati-Bilderberg public relations and outreach?
18th-Apr-2011 02:34 pm - signal boost: help out Vera Nazarian
Vera Nazarian norilana has lost her house and is moving to Vermont. She needs financial help, and is asking people to make a purchase from Norilana Books to help out.

Norilana Books.
In talking with the Inimitable Arne today, I had an insight about the beauty industry and the wedding-industrial complex. Both prey upon our desire to stop the progress of time.

Billions of dollars in skincare advertising persuade us that if we just spend enough money we can stay young, can stave off the inevitable and hold on to the precious glow of the early twenties (that period during which most of us are such walloping idiots that I'm surprised we don't find a youthful appearance a triggering reminder of stupidity so powerful that we rush to embrace wrinkles and gray hairs).

Weddings are similarly presented as an opportunity to stop the progress of time. "Forever", crow advertisements. "Eternity". We can seize the moment and preserve it under glass, and live always in that hazy pink cocoon of oxytocin high, that world in miniature where only we and the Beloved exist. Everything will remain just like it is this moment, only better. I love you forever. We will be together until the end of time. I don't ever want to stop feeling the way I feel right now.

And a $250 jar of La Mer face cream* will keep me looking twenty-one forever.

Yeah, pull the other one.

According to our cultural narrative of addiction, a drug addict stops their emotional development when they enter the haze of addiction. A thirty-year-old who has been drinking since fifteen is assumed to be still, in some sense, fifteen. Well, why should oxytocin addiction be any different? We can marry and stop growing. Growth is painful, messy stuff, and should not be allowed to intrude on our perfect little world, our pressure-canned jar of folie à deux preserves with rose petals and sugar.

From a Jungian perspective marriage should be, or at least could be, the vessel in which the process of individuation is accelerated, the crucible wherein the soul is refined, the process by which we let go of the irrelevant and build on what we learn to be truly important. It grinds down our sharp edges and then shows us what was under that obsidian accretion. It can both grow us up and grow us deeper.

From a pagan Greek perspective, love is a divine madness that drives us out of ourselves, ruptures the boundaries of self and society, breaks hearts and laws with its holy fire and leaves everything it touches irrevocably changed.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here is some pearly wire and a pair of pink-handled clippers. We can make a pair of bonsai souls, small enough to fit under this pretty glass cloche etched with roses. We can stop growing, by sliding under the surface of the honey sea if possible and by cutting off the inconvenient parts of ourselves if necessary.

And every longing for marriage I have ever felt, while I would have claimed that its origin was in the fire of the Gods and its path led to the heights and depths of growth, was in fact an ice cream craving for cryogenic stasis. Let me stay here forever where the sweetness lies. May it never change.

This is the Way of the Crazy Cat Ladies. We saw the poisonous pink candy on the one side, and the long very difficult road on the other, and we looked at our own limitations and said No, fuck you very much, and chose a different path entirely. Not Miss Havisham but misdemeanor and misrule, spinster spiders making Hecate's web of death and decay and rebirth. Living in the cracks, the crazed places, crooked women in crooked houses. We make our own goddamn moisturizer out of herbs and oils, and it doesn't make us look any younger, it just keeps our scaly skin from flaking so we can shed it whole when we get too big for it and then make it into cushions for our obstreperous cats to sit on.

If I ever get married I am going to be so chagrined about leaving the Crazy Cat Lady sisterhood. Also my cat will be pissed about it. Until she figures out that she has twice as many food monkeys.

*I am not fucking kidding. Two ounces of Crème de la Mer goes for $250. What do they put in this shit? Unicorn tears? The average American wedding is reputed to cost $27,000. For that you could buy thirteen and a half pounds of Crème de la Mer. Neither one sounds like a good deal to me.
Saturday, May 17, 2008

6:00 PM: Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks. No cover charge. Parodies and original songs full of references to science, the supernatural, internet memes, science fiction, comic books, role-playing games, folklore, mythology, and the Cthulhu Mythos.

9:00 PM: Jonathan Coulton. Tickets $15, sold at the door only. The infamous perpetrator of such songs as "Code Monkey", "Skullcrusher Mountain", and "RE: Your Brains" has ventured out of his secret supervillain lair in Brooklyn to tour the US. He will be joined by his evil musical comedy minions Paul and Storm.

Lestat's Coffee House
(between 33rd and Felton in Normal Heights)
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-0437

Show is at the "Lestat's West" stage next door to Lestat's Coffee House.
21st-Mar-2008 02:21 pm - yee ha! LOL Together!
The video of "LOL Together" from my March 15 concert with ebenbrooks is now up on YouTube:

"LOL Together" video.

Commenters have said "One of the best videos on this here series of tubes" and "This video is made of so much win I cannot begin to express it."

"LOL Together" lyrics.

It's been linked from the I Can Haz Cheezburger news blog, Extra Cheez.

I am having a really, really good day.
18th-Mar-2008 04:13 pm - Match It For Pratchett
Terry Pratchett has donated a great deal of money to Alzheimer's research. His fans are trying to match his donation. Go check out Match It For Pratchett.

19th-Feb-2008 01:14 pm - new song: LOL Together
At our show this past weekend, Eben sang the Beatles' "Come Together". The words "walrus gumboot" made me think of "lolrus bucket", and the rest was inevitable.

LOL Together
© Allison Lonsdale & Eben Brooks 2008

Here come old lolcat
He run out of happy
He can haz cheezburger
Look out, you haz a flavor!
He’s in ur base, killing ur d00dz
Do not want kibble, give me the gooshy foodz

Read more...Collapse )
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